Management of Anaphylaxis
Level 3 Award

This qualification is certificated by First Aid Awards (FAA) an Ofqual/SQA regulated awarding organisation.
An Anaphylactic shock, or Anaphylaxis, is a life-threatening, serious allergic reaction to an allergen such as food substances or insect
stings. If it is not treated appropriately, it may cause death. 

Duration - 6 hours
This training is for qualified First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders to enable them to recognise and treat Anaphylaxis safely and effectively.

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A range of subjects are covered including:

    What is Anaphylaxis
    Identification of triggers for Anaphylaxis
    Life threatening problems associated with the:
    *Airway* Breathing Circulation
    *Disability (Neurological status)
    * Exposure (Skin and mucosal changes)
    Explain the need for an early call for help
    Removal of trigger where possible/appropriate

    By the end of the course candidates will be able to:
    Identify key features of adrenaline-auto injectors
    Conduct an initial assessment using the ABCDE approach
    Demonstrate resuscitation for adult and/or child
    Recognise the need to use an auto-injector
    Demonstrate the safe use of an adrenaline auto-injector using a training device.
    Understand the need for safely disposing of sharps according to agreed ways of working and handover of the casualty to a medic

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